What We're Using For Dry Skin This Fall

dry skin

These days, if we’re not outside in the blustery cold, we’re cozied up inside with some very dry indoor heat. If you’re like me, you don’t want to leave the house during the colder months. OR you use long, hot showers to warm up. This is a recipe for skin disaster! Indoor heating + cold winds + hot showers = chapped, irritated, dry skin. Here’s what we’re doing about it:

  1. It’s time to toughen up and take fewer showers. Or shorter showers. Or *gasp* cooler showers. (I’m going to try!) How hot showers cause dry, itchy skin>
  2. Keep as covered up as possible when you leave the house. Use moisturizers with broad spectrum sun protection (The Moisture Magnet SPF 15 is a good choice) and wear hats and scarves and gloves. I like to pull my scarf up over the bottom half of my face to protect it.
  3. Switch your night moisturizer to a more richly hydrating formula or use a night cream (this is what I use).
  4. Don’t forget your eye cream! And protect those lips!
I’ve also been finding it impossible to leave the house without a small jar of hand cream in my bag. How are you dealing with the colder weather?
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