Spotted! Makeup Artist and Armour Beauty Founder Theo Kogan

facial spray

WHO: Theo Kogan. Formerly the lead singer for the famed all-girl punk band Lunachicks, today she juggles mommy-hood, music, makeup artistry, modeling, acting in television and film AND is the founder of Armour Beauty (jealous much?)

WHAT: Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs & Rosewater and Super Rich Olive Body Lotion. WHERE: This rocker girl totes the facial spray anywhere and everywhere!

WHY: Theo raves, “I use it especially on people and models with dry skin, to add moisture, even if I am going to matte them afterwards. I can actually see their skin change and become dewy and fresh right before my eyes! I also use it for extra moisture on the body if I'm doing a dewy all over look and layer with any MB body moisturizer, most recently the Super Rich Olive Body Lotion.”

Thanks for the tip Theo!

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