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WHO: Michelle. The impossibly chic Aussie fashion blogger behind the Tumblr “AMinuteAwayFromSnowing.” It’s a plethora of inspiration and personal snapshots that's a cross between a mood board and insider peek into her wardrobe. Fashionistas, foodies, beauty girls, be warned – endless scrolling and wishlist-making will ensue.

WHAT: Herbal Hydrating Serum, Enzyme Cleansing Gel and a sample of the Kera Moisturizer.

WHERE: In her little brown bag after a trip to Kit to replenish some of her MB skincare!

WHY: She wrote:

“My USA trip still four weeks away and I’ve been having such tremendous results with MB that I didn’t want to wait until my holiday to stock up.”

“…I also went out on a limb and purchased the Enzyme Cleansing Gel to replace the rather greasy Sorbolene Cream I’ve been using to wash my face. The lovely Kit SA also threw in a sample of the Kera Moisturizer which she highly recommended for my dry/sensitive skin. There was something about it that made me dubious but I used it last night and again this morning and I’ve been really impressed with it so far. The only drawback is that it doesn’t contain SPF, however it does sit lovely underneath my makeup (and absorbs quickly and without fuss) which is also really important to me.

Time to start penning those love letters to MB :)”

. . .

We’re so happy to hear you’re loving your MB experience! That’s a good enough love letter in and of itself! :)

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