It's The First Day Of Spring!

Disclaimer: The following products will make it possible for you to simultaneously flip your hair, pucker your pout and show off your shimmery spring skin every day this season. They may also lead to increased confidence and amplified looks of admiration. (Don’t say you weren’t warned!)

Lip Wax Every new day brings a bit more sunshine, so it’s important to keep your pout glossy and well moisturized. Our Lip Wax, which comes conveniently in a tub and tube, is enriched with Beeswax, Vitamin E, Rose Hips Oil and Rose Petals Extract to deliver smooch-worthy smackers for both men and women.

All Purpose Egg Shampoo In honor of all the fun egg-dying going on this month, we think our All Purpose Egg Shampoo is the perfect product to go with the theme of the holidays. Fortunately, this singular item has the power to do twice as much work as a cleanser for both the hair and the body. Hooray for two-in-one!

Summer Shine Body Lotion You never need a reason to shimmer, and our Summer Shine Body Lotion will help you look your most radiant any day of the year. This lightweight and greaseless body lotion is perfect for reducing the appearance of dry skin. With warm weather right around the corner, this is the perfect lotion to use on areas such as the arms, shoulders and décolletage.

What’s on your skincare wish list this spring?

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