Flaky Skin Freakout: Early Fall


Even though I tend to break out a little more than usual, my skin REALLY loves summertime. The warm, humid air goes a long way in helping my skin feel calm, hydrated, and generally awesome. There’s a reason I got married mid-summer!


flaky skin

Early fall is really hard on my skin. It starts to freak out pretty early, getting dry and flaky at the first chilly breeze. I’m usually not ready to switch my regimen around yet (after all, usually a spell of warm weather is right around the corner!), but I do need a little something to get me through. Enter: the Herbal Hydrating Serum. It’s lightweight and oil-free, which I need because my skin is really easily congested. Also, I can smooth a light layer right over my moisturizer wherever I need it (like on the oddly flaky skin on my chin!). With that problem solved, I’m getting kind of excited for cute sweaters and jackets!

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