Under The Radar: Elasto-Seamollient Hand Cream

You never know what you have until it's gone. Take my dishwasher, for instance. One terrible day my loyal machine decided to break up with me after a long 10 year relationship; now I'm doing some good old-fashioned washing by hand until I can afford a new one. Meanwhile, the frequent contact with water and detergent dried out my hands to the point that they became dry, cracked, and sad. Well. I was sad. My woes came to a halt when I treated my hands to the Elasto-Seamollient Hand Cream. Like therapy for the skin. If hands could talk, these would have shouted "ahhhhhh" in relieved unison. This rich formula will drench your skin with oh-so-good skin-softening ingredients and is enhanced with nourishing Vitamin E and Seaweed Extract.

hand cream

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