Holiday Skin Saviors

Holiday season is hectic. To-do lists at home and at work become longer and social calendars become busier. To turn the pressure up just a little bit higher, this is not one of those occasions when you can hunker down and power through all that needs to be done because the holidays involve showing face.

That’s right, nestled between working late to tie up loose ends before the New Year, and taking advantage of your favorite retailer’s extended hours for late gift shopping sessions there are holiday parties. To get through this marathon of a season in one piece I’ve learned to take a few precautions to preserve my skin, sanity, and (most importantly) my holiday cheer—at the end of the day the holidays are supposed to be fun, right?

Sleep. Eat. Hydrate.

Life simply works better when the basics are attended to. Do whatever it takes, schedule in sleep, set phone reminders to finish your water bottle before lunch, and keep apples and almonds in your bag so that you’ve consumed more than that grande skim latte (extra shot of espresso, please!) before 3pm. Skin.

Craft a skin strategy that will keep your skin glowing from today straight through New Year’s Day!

Here’s what I’m using this year to keep my skin bright, hydrated, and ready for holiday party pics or any instagrammable moment that comes my way:


Mario Badescu SKin Care

Holiday Party Season Essentials

Botanical Exfoliating Scrub- The energizing mix of botanicals in this scrub makes me feel like I’m being extra kind to my tired skin. Use three times a week to keep winter skin flake-free and smooth.

Enzyme Revitalizing Mask- During the holidays I go for an extra shot of espresso and an extra dose of brightening. I’ve been known to gift this mask to new parents, frequent flyers, and college students during finals. Its ability to unearth a glow from even the most tired, dull skin is unmatched.

Herbal Hydrating Serum- This is my trusty year round skin-saving hero! The thought of not having a fresh bottle of this tiny miracle worker at hand during the season where my schedule fluctuates between chaos and frenzy is unfathomable. It is my favorite thing for helping to ward off cold weather dehydration without causing breakouts.

Eye Makeup Remover Gel (non-oily)- The late nights and early mornings of the holiday season make it very tempting to skip important steps like removing eye makeup. I leave a bottle of eye makeup remover out in plain sight, right next to my toothbrush, to avoid any temptation to crash without removing every trace of mascara first. I’ll thank me in the morning.

What are your tricks for powering through the busiest season of the year?

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