How To Look Better In Pictures

how to look better in pictures

My wedding is coming up soon, and we just interviewed our photographer. She gave us some tips to help my fiancée and I look our best in our wedding pictures! Here goes:

  • First, take a look at your favorite pictures of yourself and try to spot the patterns—do you look best from one side? I know I do! Get to know your best angles and work them.
  • Facing the camera dead-on rarely looks good (unless your face is super-model symmetrical!)
  • Fill in your eyebrows. If your brows are sparse or very light-colored, they’ll end up looking non-exist in your photos. A little extra oomph will help your eyes stand out and will frame your face.
  • Stay away from ‘sparkle.’ It’s not your friend in pictures and will make you look greasy, not luminous. Subtle shimmer to highlight your brow bone and cheekbones are a definite yes. Sparkle shadow/liner/blush? Not so much.
  • Be in lots of pictures. The more photos that are taken of you, the more likely you’ll find some that you like!
  • Face your light source straight-on so it highlights your face and doesn’t create strange shadows.
And here’s one piece of advice from us: Mix a bit of the Special Healing Powder into your face powder to help tone down redness and cut shine. You don’t want to have shiny skin in your pictures!
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