Help! I’m Getting On Stage And I Have A HUGE Zit!

It’s been while since I’ve been a part of the dance school circuit—but thanks to Dance Moms I get to relive (a far more intense version) of my childhood. If memory (and Abby Lee Miller) serves me right, it’s just about nearing recital season which means extra rehearsals, long hours, sweaty practices, stress-inducing quick-changes and run-throughs…

Now is when a nerve-wracking pimple just might crop up.

Hormonal breakouts, hours of non-stop sweating, and stress on top of it all is a recipe for potential disaster. But before you freak, take a breath. Breakouts are the last thing you should worry about (focus on remembering choreography or finding your center mid-fouettés instead!) pre-performance; just keep these spot treatments on hand so you can hit the stage with utmost confidence.


Skin Care Must-Haves for EVERY Dancer (or for the Dancer in your soul!):

Drying Lotion

This fast-acting spot treatment has been a staple for makeup artists and celebrities worldwide for decades! Renowned for its ability help dry up whiteheads virtually overnight, our Drying Lotion is formulated with Salicylic Acid, Sulfur, and Calamine to help shrink blemishes while you sleep.

Simply dip, dab, and wake up to clearer skin.

Buffering Lotion

Hormonal breakouts marking their territory along your cheeks and jawline? Help shrink and soothe those large—and often painful—under-the-surface cystic acne. Our unique formula has a lightweight consistency that enables ingredients like Zinc Oxide, B vitamins, and amino acids to target the root of the problem while nourishing your skin.

Drying Cream

Now this is a staple you need at-home and in your recital day makeup kit! Use it overnight or use it during the day; all you need is the tiniest amount and pat to blend well into your skin. Not only will this cream help conceal spots on fair to medium skin and help cancel out any redness for darker skin tones, but it also helps target pimples on the spot! It’s the perfect on-the-go spot treatment that doubles as an effective color-correcting base for any makeup applied over top.

Get all three in our Acne Repair Kit!

Special Healing Powder

If there’s one thing every dancer knows for sure, it’s that a shiny T-zone never looks good on stage or in photography. With hot stage lights and quick changes having your work up a sweat, keep grease and shine in check with our mattifying and oil-absorbent powder. Lightly dust over your finished face to lock makeup into place, or mix a small amount into your favorite face powder for some lightweight but effective oil control.

. . .

What was your most nerve-wracking recital moment?


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