Happy Labor Day!

labor day

It’s Labor Day! Last chance to wear white pants...

What’s the best way to celebrate laborers? Probably by not making them go to work, which is really the best part about Labor Day, isn’t it? Whether you work in an office or on a construction site, today is the day when none of it really matters. It’s time to kick back, relax, and have one last party before autumn. Speaking of fall, it’s just about that time of year when your skin might start acting a little strangely. You may be hitting the beach or the pool one last time this weekend (be sure to protect your skin from the sun!), but pretty soon you’ll be adding layers of sweaters and jackets and your skin might start to feel a little… dry. Don’t get caught off guard—prepare yourself now! In fact, now is the perfect time to start thinking about a night cream if you haven’t done so already. In the summer, I use my beloved AHA & Ceramide Moisturizer every night before bed. In the fall, I like to alternate between this moisturizer and the oil-free Seaweed Night Cream. And when it gets super-cold, I use the Seaweed Night Cream even more often. I’m visiting my mom at her beach house on Sunday, and I’ll be bringing her a jar of Protein Night Cream. Check out this slideshow for choosing the night cream that’s right for you!
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