#MBSkinTip: Detox to Retox

mario badescu detox retox silver powder enzyme revitalizing mask

One too many late nights since New Year’s Eve?

Here's how to detox to retox:

Step 1: Cleanse first.

Step 2: Target those blackheads. Using a water-dampend cotton pad, apply Silver Powder on your T-zone (or anywhere your skin looks congested.)

Step 3: Leave on for 10 minutes and remove with your favorite toner. (How good does your skin already look and feel?)

Step 4: Bring back the GLOW. Apply our Enzyme Revitalizing Mask wherever you need to hydrate and, well, revitalize your skin. (For most, it’s the cheeks!).

Step 5: Cleanse well after 15-20 minutes and follow with toner and moisturizer.

Step 6: Take a #selfie. It’s all about the #glowlife.

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