Spotted! Michelle DeShon Of USA’s “Satisfaction”

Michelle DeShon

WHO: Michelle DeShon, actress and singer extraordinaire. We fell in love with her as soon as we saw her on USA’s Satisfaction as the protagonists’ free-spirited teenage daughter, Anika Truman. (A rebel with a heart of gold and perfect curls? Love.) Just when we didn’t think we could love (or want to be her) more, we did the moment she sang. If you haven’t yet heard “Come Clean,” you need to.

It’s beautiful, it’s gorgeous, just like DeShon. And to think she learned the guitar in five days for the network test… hellooo, #MBgirlcrush.


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WHERE: Spotted, on her adorably festive countertop.


“I get compliments on how great my skin is and no one knows what a struggle I had before I was introduced to Mario. During the pilot I had to use thick thick clogging foundation to cover all my breakouts but then I started using Mario and the rest of season one I was able use much lighter foundation which was so much better for my skin! Thank You Mario Badescu!”

. . .

Thank YOU, Michelle! Sending you love from all of us here at MB! <3

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