Let's Talk: Milia

I’m visiting the dermatologist soon for my annual full-body check and, while I’m there, I’m definitely asking her to help with these little white bumps around my eyes.



Those little white bumps are called milia and they’re incredibly common. A milium is basically a hardened whitehead that forms when oil and dead cells are trapped under the surface of the skin. Milia have no visible opening and are generally found around the eyes, forehead, and cheeks. People with dry skin are more likely to experience milia.

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As tempting as it may be to take care of them yourself, keep your hands away from milia. The only way to remove them is for a dermatologist to lance them. Your dermatologist will know the proper way to do this to avoid scarring.


What causes Milia?

If you’re experiencing milia, it’s possible that you’re choosing skin care products that are too rich or heavy for your skin. Those who expose their skin to the sun are also more vulnerable to this skin condition—the sun thickens and toughens the skin, making it harder to shed dead cells. Skin resurfacing procedures and microdermabrasion may also lead to milia.

Remember: Picking at your skin is always a bad idea; this is particularly true when it comes to milia. Bring your little white bumps to the derm and have them removed properly!

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