No Time for Skin Care, Mom? Read This!

Today’s post comes from a member of our team here at Mario Badescu Skin Care, Jessika McGinnis. We’re thrilled for her to share her experiences in motherhood, skin care and the importance of taking caring of yourself no matter how busy you are!

Jessika writes… I became a mom at twenty-three and I’ll confess that, during my pregnancy, my skin was a total mess of blackheads, whiteheads and breakouts galore. I could never find products that would work since my skin (and hormones) were changing almost daily. I’m not a girly girl—I hardly ever wear make-up—and I like a routine that I can do in less than ten minutes to feel hydrated and refreshed before I start my long days. Fast forward two years, and I find myself here at Mario Badescu Skin Care. I had little knowledge of skin care before coming into this world filled with estheticians, make-up artists, and beauty gurus. Even better, I was given a regimen of products that allows me to stick with my no-fuss, no-muss attitude. I start my day with Seaweed Cleansing Soap because my skin is usually dry and dull in the morning. I then use the Seaweed Cleansing Lotion to fight off blemishes (by the power of Witch Hazel) and calm and soothe my fair, sensitive skin. Hyaluronic Eye Cream and Oil Free Moisturizer (SPF 30) finish off my routine—a routine that takes all of ten minutes before I start my favorite office hair style – the sock bun! (Not to interrupt, but Jessika does a great sock bun.) From commuting, work, picking up my son, park dates, dinner, playing with our dogs, and finally getting lunches and bed time finished, I still make time to use a mask and exfoliate twice a week. I love our Rose Hips mask, which really smells like cinnamon. It’s never over-drying and gives me a lovely glow. If I am not broken out, I then exfoliate with the Kiwi Face Scrub – getting rid of my dead, dry skin. I’ll also sometimes use the Seaweed Night Cream as a nighttime moisturizer. Next morning, I’m hydrated and look like I got a full eight hours of sleep (which never truly happens anymore). On a side note, my now two-year–old son loves to be sprayed with the Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater. In fact, as soon as I get the spray out he yells ‘Close de eyes!?’ because he knows that he has to close his eyes before we spray. My family always comes first, but my skin never takes a back seat to everyday life. A few minutes each day makes a world of difference—with or without a toddler running around.

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