New Year's Resolutions For More Beautiful Skin

We’re all counting down to 2015 today, and a lot of us are making our New Year’s resolutions. Personally, I’m not a fan of big, epic resolutions. I am, however, always enthusiastic about making little healthy changes throughout the year. The best part? Good-for-you changes can make a major impact on the appearance of your skin, and you can take your time making them happen. Here are a few resolutions we can get behind:

  • Stop being so self-critical. When it comes to judging appearances, so many of us are a lot easier on others than we are on ourselves. Try to see yourself the way you see your best friend. Would you notice your imperfections first? Or would you focus on the things that make you lovely?

  • Get moving. This resolution is good for your health, your mood, and your skin! Yup, exercise gives you more radiant skin. (Just make sure to rinse sweat off ASAP.) 

  • Sleep more. While eight hours of sleep might not be for everybody, you know better than anybody just how much sleep your body actually needs. It’s just so easy to try and get by on less than that, isn’t it? Here’s the thing: your skin (like the rest of your body) regenerates and repairs as you sleep. Getting adequate sleep will do wonders for your complexion and your overall health. 

  • Make healthy dietary choices. While we’re pretty sure it’s not chocolate that's causing your acne (although it might be your morning coffee), it’s certain that some foods and drinks will have a measurably positive effect on your skin. From avocadoes to salmon, check out more skin-friendly foods here.

  • Quit Smoking. Okay, this change isn't small, it is big and it is epic. I quit smoking years and years ago and discovered that it’s not only totally possible to break the habit, but quitting smoking completely changes your life. You’ll suddenly have more money, you’ll feel healthier, and your skin will look noticeably better. The process of quitting is different for everyone but the potential life extending benefits are universal. There’s nothing to lose!

  • How smoking affects your skin> Stick to a regular skin care regimen. Skin looks best when you stick to a routine (cleanse, tone, moisturize, etc.). Not sure which products to use? Take our skin analysis here!

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