So January is almost over and I think now is a good time to discuss New Year’s Resolutions. I’ve had enough time for the concept of a new year and fresh start to sink in and think about these things long and hard. (Not). I am one of those people who can’t understand that just because the calendar says January 1st, does not mean that it’s the beginning of something new. It’s just a day a date and if anything is worth doing, why does the calendar matter? So anyway, I will be like everyone else and create a list. A realistic one, at that with lots of random thoughts to add. First see the very sane blog post written by my co-worker, which sounds all nice and good and normal: New Year’s Skin Care Resolutions from December 29, 2009.

Now onto my slightly less normal New Year's blog post:
  1. Stay Hydrated: Yes water is very important. So I resolve to actually throw away (recycle) the plastic Poland Spring bottles that I have been refilling for weeks with Brita filtered tap water and buy a few new bottles. Yeah I’m gross but green! Something you should try to be in the new year. Green.
  2. Exercise: In 2009 I reached fitness goal I never expected to. I can actually jog over 5 miles, all in a row, without stopping or passing out. Maybe it has something to do with the possibility of running behind a group of Army guys from Ft. Totten wearing tiny shorts or the fact that I sometimes consume enough calories in a day to feed several people. I resolve to start this back up again. I wonder how far behind I put myself behind by not doing this since November. “After the holidays I’ll start back….”
  3. Diet: No, I don’t diet and I love to eat more than any other activity. Dieting makes us fatter in the long run. I can not live with that on and off dieting mentality. The diet industry wants us to stay fat or no one in it would make any money. Moderation for me is part starvation and part binge eating. I will however, resolve to try and eat a few servings of fruits and vegetables daily. That sounds realistic enough to stick to. I noticed over the past years when I was eating lots of fresh tomatoes my skin was looking a lot better. I should start that back up again too. I also resolve to never, ever buy a bottle of fat free salad dressing, if you can even call it salad dressing. Why do we do this to ourselves?
  4. Sleep: Next to eating sleeping is one of my favorite activities especially at mid day when I should be running errands, cleaning or being productive with my free time. I resolve to try and get as many hours of sleep I can in my lifetime. This one will be easy. Sleep is good for your body and good for your skin. I’m sure you’ve seen what happens to how you look when you don’t get enough. During the sleep cycle is when your body goes into repair mode, skin included.
  5. Wash your face before bed: Being a skin care professional for many years I will say that this is one resolution we should all stick to. 5 out of 7 days of the week I manage to practice what I preach. Having my future boyfriend or husband see me in the morning without my 10 pounds of make up on will be a huge mental hurdle for me to get over. Not looking like I’ll have to worry about that anytime soon.
  6. Cleaning out your closet: Just face it, you are NOT getting into those size 6 jeans (or fill in your ideal size) that you have been saving since 2000. Embrace who you are now and love yourself now. Resolve to stay healthy and that doesn’t always mean skinny. Give your skinny clothes to charity, share with your skinny co-workers or sell them on ebay. Probably not healthy for your self esteem to keep reminding yourself you will never be a size 6 again. Get a great pair of jeans that suit your body type and size and rock them! Oh yes you will be a size 6 again? I am wrong to crush your hopes and dreams of looking like Jillian Michaels? See #2 and #3. Go for it and good luck. You’re better than me. I can live with it.
  7. Cleaning out your medicine cabinet and make-up bag: Time to toss that 7-year old tube of Retin-A that wasn’t covered by insurance and cost $150. Over my dead body. For sure you need to throw away those old, dirty make up sponges at the bottom of your make up bag. Wash your make up brushes and toss that bad decision make-up because you won’t use it again as much as you think you will. Being a pack rat myself I know it’s not easy to toss stuff you spent your hard earned money on. Give it away. Someone you know has poor judgement and will use it as long as it’s not gross an old. Yeah, then toss it and forget about it. You will feel so cleansed.
  8. Make it out to the salon: If you have problem skin a facial every now and again can make a big difference. Nothing like some waxing or a manicure and pedicure to make you feel pretty and polished. Feeling good about yourself carries over to all other parts of your life. Work on it in the new year. Good self esteem is important and a salon trip is a fun and inexpensive treat to help you boost your self up once in a while. We can all use it from time to time.
  9. Don’t pick at your skin: You’re armed with Special Healing Powder, Drying Cream and Healing Cream and the best foundations and concealers money can buy but just because you have the tools to fight the enemy, don’t give them the advantage by picking! Picking slows the healing process and may lead to spreading and hyperpigmentation on the skin. I know it’s hard but really, if there was one bad habit I need to work on in the new year, it’s this.
  10. Try! Make an effort to get on a real skin care regimen customized for your specific skin concerns. Lucky if you made it this far using random products from wherever and you’re relatively happy but I’m guessing if you’re here reading this, then maybe that’s not the case. If you all of a sudden find yourself stressing every time you look in the mirror, maybe its time you make a little effort to help yourself out. All the tools you need are right here. Look around.
  11. Sunscreen daily: I can’t stress this enough. It should be right up there with wearing your seat belt. Wearing sunscreen is the #1 anti-aging tip of the skin care world. Sun exposure causes the most preventable damage on your skin. Period. No lecture to follow.

. . .

Best wishes to you in 2010. Happy and healthy. It’s never too late to start making positive changes in your life. Certainly don’t wait for what the calendar says.
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