How Privy Is Your Significant Other To Your Beauty Habits?

Would you let your loved one see you with acne treatments or a mask on your face? If you wear makeup, how soon did they see you bare-faced?


There’s a set of milestones every relationship is bound to reach, some traditional and adorable – first Valentine’s Day, first weekend getaway, meeting the parents – and others not quite scrapbook-suitable, but adorable nonetheless – we’ll let you use your imagination for this one. (Everything’s adorable when you’re in love.)

Among those rites of passage is the day your significant other sees you bare-faced. No, not with minimal “no-makeup makeup,” but no makeup. It’s far less intimidating if you’re already rocking the au naturel, but it’s still a pretty big step. Take a deep breath and let me tell you a simple truth:

Your loved one really isn't going to care.

I promise. Pinky swear. Cross my heart and hope to… If anything your significant other’s going to find it sweet; knowing that you feel comfortable enough to be completely you around him or her is step towards true intimacy, no?

That’s just the gateway. The foot in the door. Because next comes the unveiling of the beauty regimens. The five minutes – or hour-long – of the hair routine. Morning regimens and evening wind-downs. And gasp – the magical process of putting on your face (simply speaking) before any sort of event. There’s the base, the strategic contouring, the lashes, the lips… then there are no more secrets.

When is it okay to walk around with little pink dots freckling your face? Do you choose between the pimple-erasing magic of the Drying Lotion or feel obligated to suffer the whiteheads because you’re afraid your honey might laugh at your habits? What about the weekly masks? And the monthly Silver Powder blackhead detox? Is it better to leave a little mystery to the imagination?

I’ll have you know that a certain man-friend of mine was not only blasé about the 10 minutes I had Silver Powder swatches across the center of my face, but he also let me use it on him too. (See our guide on How to Get Your Significant Other To Try Your Skincare Products for more tips!) And if I revealed this much, I may as well tell you that yes, he thoroughly enjoyed the process, and was super amazed at the results. He bought a jar for himself, so good things come to those who just continue what they do – your significant other will still love you for you!

. . .

So – how privy is your significant other to your beauty habits?


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