Late Night? Time To Fix Your Skin!

Oh, what did you do to your face? A night out can seriously wreak havoc on otherwise beautiful skin, but no worries—we’re going to make sure you look amazing for the rest of the day. Late-night activities like drinking and (gasp) smoking can dehydrate, inflame and irritate your skin, while sleeping in last night’s makeup is an invitation to acne. Check out these 7 tips and look fantastic at brunch!

The Night Before:

  • You’ve heard it before (and for good reason): Drink a glass of water between each alcoholic beverage.

  • Drink another glass of water before bed.

  • We know you don’t want to, but try to wash your face before you fall asleep. Since alcohol can seriously parch your skin, slather your now-clean face with a night cream and eye cream. And don’t forget your lips—they’ll need a little extra moisture too!


In the A.M.:

  • We would never ask anyone to give up their coffee, but caffeine will dehydrate your skin further. At the very least, chase your morning coffee with a big glass of H2O.

  • Did you neglect to wash your face last night? Now’s the time to fix the damage. Wash your face and then use whatever gentle method of exfoliation you prefer (whether it is a scrub, a cleanser with Alpha-Hydroxy Acids)

  • An oil-free calming mask is an excellent choice.

  • You might need to put something cold on your eyes to reduce puffiness. You could use the old standby (cold tea bags) or try our trick: keep your eye cream in the fridge. This works especially well with eye gels like our Ceramide Eye Gel.

  • Get some color in your cheeks by boosting circulation with a little mild exercise or a shower.

Oh, and get something healthy to eat (bananas are a particularly good choice). With a little concealer, you're all set to go!

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