How To Get Perfect Skin

What is Perfect Skin, anyway? Is it poreless? Dewy but not shiny? Free of acne? Does perfect skin look like something out of an advertisement?


perfect skin

The idea of ‘good’ skin or ‘perfect skin’ will be different for everybody. For me, it’s keeping my skin clear and protected from the sun. After a few unfortunate years of tanning-bed worship in my twenties (before I became a skin care expert) keeping my hyperpigmentation in check is key to looking and feeling good.

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If your skin is oily, your idea of perfect skin may have more to do with shine control than anything else. Dry skin? Your best complexion is probably really well-hydrated. The point is, you might want to define for yourself how you’d like to your skin to look—and not let anyone else do it for you. Because life isn’t photo-shopped and neither are you, it’s crucial to take care of yourself and your skin and be sure to set your own goals.

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What does having perfect skin mean to you?
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