So said Mario Badescu in his 1978 book, The Mario Badescu Way to Beautiful Skin, a phrase he believed to be more logical than the age-old expression “putting your best foot forward.” After all, he said, the face is what we see first in another person, what attracts us, how we get to know another person. We look for an honest face – open, smiling, revealing.

And thus, beautiful skin is crucial to your confidence. How you see your skin – and how you think others see your skin – somehow factors into your perception of self. Is it superficial? Perhaps. But it’s only human to think that way, and feeling less than secure about the face you put forward will always show. Covering up and over are hardly solutions; doing so only makes the hiding more obvious. After all, your skin is your base, your foundation, and most importantly, a part of who you are. Makeup is made to enhance your natural beauty – not to be misconstrued as a means to hide.

| “Beauty is every woman’s birthright and beyond no woman’s grasp.”

That was his vision, and now, it’s ours. Every one deserves to feel good – beautiful – and feeling beautiful starts with beautiful skin.

And with that, we officially welcome you to the launch of our new blog.

This is the place where you’ll get exclusive peeks into what goes on behind the scenes at Mario Badescu, tucked alongside little insider tips and guides to give you the most beautiful skin you’re in. But first things first: knowing what type of skin you have is the first step to good skincare. Take a few minutes to answer our Skin Care Analysis Questionnaire to develop specialized skin care product recommendations customized for your skin.

So don’t be shy! Whether it be a question or suggestion, leave us a comment here or tell us on Facebook, Twitter, or an e-mail. Snail mail it even, if you’re so inclined. It doesn’t matter how, when, or where – we’re always here and we want to hear from you!

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