QUIZ: What Does Your Bathroom Say About You?


Your friends suddenly drop by and one of them needs to use the only bathroom in your house. They’ll find:

(a) A disaster! Towels, brushes, hairdryer, lotions, and potions are scattered everywhere. Your visitor will be forced to dry their hands on the same towel you used after the shower this morning.

(b) Your usual skin and hair care regimen is neatly on display; your friend will need to dry his/her hands on the same clean hand towel you’re using.

(c) Everything is carefully put away, out of sight. A fresh hand towel is ready for your guest.

How do you choose which skin care products to use?

(a) I give everything a try!

(b) I’m currently using the absolute basics—cleanser, toner, and moisturizer.

(c) I speak with a skin care specialist to ensure I’m using the right products for my skin type and condition.

You do your makeup: 

(a) Amid the giant mess of makeup and hair tools on your bathroom counter.

(b) Using the mirror in the bathroom medicine cabinet.

(c) At your carefully organized vanity table.

(d) I don’t wear makeup.

When you’re getting ready to go out for the night, your significant other:

(a) Waits impatiently as the bathroom slowly becomes an atomic bomb of hairspray, makeup, perfume, and goodness knows what else.

(b) Is happy to see that you’re ready to go at the scheduled time.

(c) Wonders what’s taking you so long… only to find you re-organizing the medicine cabinet.

What’s on your vanity/bathroom counter right now?

(a) Every skin care/ hair care/ makeup/ personal care item ever invented or known to man.

(b) The basics… a simple, effective skin care regimen and the necessary hair and beauty products and tools for your low-maintenance style.

(c) A carefully followed, intricate system of beauty.



You are outgoing and gregarious—the life of the party! You look great, but your bathroom sure doesn’t! It’s a mess! But not every mess is necessarily bad, especially if you’re having fun and look amazing.

One word of advice: It’s important to ensure you’re using the right skin care products for your particular complexion. Take our online skin analysis to see which are right for you!


You’ve found balance in your life—or at least in your beauty routine. Looks like your no-fuss, easy-to-maintain system is working out perfectly for you!

Our advice? You’re off to a good start by using a basic skin care regimen. Now it’s time to take your skin to the next level with right eye cream, mask, and exfoliant. Take our online skin analysis to see which are right for you!


You’re a person of mystery… either you’re hiding something (your amazing beauty secrets!?) or you’re just incredibly organized. We’re still trying to figure out the enigma that is you.

The one thing we know for sure is that, with your carefully thought-out skin care regimen, your skin looks great!

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