How To Take The Perfect 'Selfie'


How do you feel about ‘selfies’? To be honest, I really like them. I enjoy seeing my friends’ lovely faces and showcasing when I feel and look my best. Taken with friends, they’re a great way to remember happy events.

Since you’ll find no #selfie haters here, let’s talk about how to look great in them! Beautiful skin, of course, is paramount. It is the first step to taking any good photograph, whether you’re posting it online or not.

Here is the best way to pose:


For clearer skin, overnight. For clearer skin, overnight.

Get a good angle! Generally speaking, you’ll look best if you angle your phone (or camera!) above your head. This pose tends to make your eyes look bigger. Pictures that are taken straight-on tend to work well, but images shot from below rarely do.

Discover your ‘good’ side. One side of your face is likely to be more symmetrical than the other and will usually look better in photographs. The difference in my face from the ‘good’ side to the ‘less-than-great’ side is actually pretty remarkable.

Think twice before striking certain overdone poses and facial expressions. You know which ones I’m talking about.

Consider lighting. Talking a selfie in a dark room (or one with unflattering fluorescent lighting) is not best for highlighting your skin tone and features.

Use a beautiful backdrop. This could be something as simple as window treatments or a bookshelf. Just make sure your laundry pile isn’t showing up in the background, too.

Discover which filter looks best for you. Or go #nofilter by spot-treating blemishes. Before you go to bed at night, apply acne spot treatment to any existing breakouts.

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