What’s In Your Bag? Skin Care On-the-Go

We get it. Wallet, phone, keys, lipstick(s), and moisturizer if we’re feeling particularly skin-centric. But what else?


skin care

In the grand scheme of weird, the contents of my handbag are actually pretty standard. Wallet, lip balms (at least three on a bad day), keys, phone, black pens, protein bars. I also carry little Starbucks Via packets and tea bags with me – something that might register as unusual – but they’re made to be portable, aren’t they? (Disclaimer: coffee may not be the best for your skin, but it is a college girl’s best friend.) I have a Filofax too, but that just makes me oddly old-fashioned for a 20-year-old.

I have the token lipstick in a side pocket somewhere, but that’s about as far as makeup on-the-go goes. Instead, my little cosmetics pouch is chock full of skin care products…

Let the confessions of a skincare junkie begin:

  • Moisturizer. A bottle of the Oil-Free SPF 30 has a place in my bathroom, and another resides permanently in the (infinite) depths of my handbag. Give my past skin sins, I now never leave home without a moisturizer. Dry skin is both a nuisance and no-no, so having moisturizing precautions handy keeps my complexion always dewy, and never flaky. Plus, it tames fly-aways, static, and dry hands like no other. You can use moisturizer everywhere, but you can’t put a hand or body cream on your face now, can you? (There’s logic for you.)
  • Rose Hips Nourishing Oil. I’m an oily type of gal – both in complexion and in skincare preferences (I’m a known hoarder of body, face and hair oils). If you’ve read the above you know one of my pet peeves is flaky skin; this oil fixes all dry skin woes. I also have a penchant for things with Vitamin C, making this a must wherever I go.
  • Herbal Hydrating Serum. For warmer days when I need an instant refresher, too. It’s similar to the Rose Hips Nourishing Oil, but more lightweight in texture – it’s a dream to apply post-gym (after a proper cleanse, of course).
  • Facial Cleanser. This might be weird, but I’ll be the first to admit I’m hardly a stickler for convention. I have an itsy-bitsy sample size of the Cucumber Cream Soap tucked away into the zipper compartment of my bag du jour. Sometimes a freshly-washed face is just what you need to regroup, but it’s also perfect for crashing at a friend's house. Just in case – better to be prepared than sleeping with a face full of makeup, no? I’m also infamous for running errands straight from the gym (much to everyone’s horror, I’m afraid), but at least my face is squeaky clean and bacteria-free!

. . .

What’s in YOUR bag?

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