My Skin Care Pet Peeves (How My Sister Drives Me Crazy!)

Anyone who knows me is aware that I’m a little skin care-obsessed. So much so that I twice broke up with a guy because he objected to my nightly face-washing routine. I also never allow anyone to touch my face, and the sight of someone touching their face with questionably hygienic hands gets me antsy.

Maybe I’m more than a little obsessed. In fact, it’s entirely possible that I’m totally weird. As a demonstration of said weirdness, let me tell you a story: My sister has annoying habit of visiting me without bothering to pack an overnight bag. I can’t imagine what she’s thinking as she steps off the train with nary a toothbrush or set of pajamas, and yet it’s a habit she’ll never break. Worse than this, though—she commits two of my biggest skin care pet peeves. First, because she hasn’t packed anything, she’s forced to use my skin care products. Which totally wouldn’t be a big deal except: a) They aren’t right for her skin type, and b) She uses so much product that I run out of it very quickly. She abuses her mooching rights! Seriously, what is she doing with all of that product? She also tends to flood the bathroom to Noah’s Ark-proportions every time she washes her face. (Two of the girls here at Mario have confessed to me that they do the same, so I guess this is a common thing.) What are your beauty pet peeves? Mine are, as follows:
  • Dirty cosmetics bags and makeup brushes;
  • People who do not clip their hair back before washing their face. (All that wet, possibly dirty hair in the face!);
  • Those who wash their faces with bar soap; and
  • Not washing your hands before washing your face.
It’s your turn! What are your little quirks?
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