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WHO: Ingrid, also known as the charming Miss Glamorazzi on YouTube. A beauty guru who humbly claims to be a “self-professed beauty nerd,” nail polish addict, and avid vlogger. She’s the girl next door who you wish was your best friend. What’s not to love?

WHAT: The Rosewater Facial Spray.

WHERE: Miss Glamorazzi’s March 2012 favorites video(we’re addicted to these monthly compilations!)

WHY: She’s been obsessed with rose this month. It’s light, floral, refreshing – and she’s discovered it’s lovely for her skin.

“I’m now using this as my new facial toner… and I think my skin is really happy about that… I’ve been trying to use things that are a little bit more gentle, soothing and very hydrating, and my skin has been drinking it all up and loving it. “I highly recommend this facial spray; it’s great to use as a toner… and it just feels very refreshing on your skin… I love this. It’s great to use if you just feel like you need a little pick-me-up throughout the day to refresh your face, or if you’re on a plane…transfer it to a smaller spray bottle to hydrate your skin.” We’re so happy to hear you (and your skin!) are loving your first Mario product!

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