Because we always love to know what’s in everyone’s skincare essentials kit (and we know you love to know too!)


WHO: Diana Anastasia. An indie singer/songwriter in London. Also, a style icon and beauty blogger with a penchant for all things beautiful, ladylike and a little bit rock.

WHERE: Amongst her all-time favorite skincare products!

WHAT: Drying Lotion and Buffering Lotion.

WHY: They’re the favorites of many, for starters. Staples in any skincare kit (and emergency arsenal). But, her reasons:

Drying Lotion: “I dot this on pimples and they go away within a few days without a trace.”

Buffering Lotion: “This is meant to be used for cysts. Let's face it: there's no miracle for cysts except hard drugs and hormones, but this does help them heal without too much of a scar.”

. . .

Tell us what’s in your medicine cabinet in the comments below. Or, better yet, send us snapshots of what’s on your list of skincare essentials!

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