Saturday Morning Ritual

stress and skin

I come from a long line of perfectionist bed-makers—women who find nothing quite as satisfying as seeing smooth, wrinkle-free sheets tucked in just so.

Friends are amazed that they can drop by my house any time of day and find my bed made perfectly (even if dishes are piled up in the sink or the place is badly in need of vacuuming). For me, making the bed is the best way to start the day properly. There’s another reason that I really love a nicely made bed, and it’s related to skin care (no surprise there!). Sleeping on fresh, clean sheets helps to keep my skin clear and drastically reduces sensitivity. What your sheets are made of can help as well: I have a wrinkle-free aunt who swears by satin pillowcases. Personally, I find that higher thread-count cotton pillowcases and sheets are less irritating to the skin. There’s something else, too—the ritual of making the bed, of changing the sheets, of smoothing down covers also helps reduce stress (we know that stress and skin make a bad combination).



What are you doing this Saturday to care for yourself and your skin? I like to apply Seaweed Night Cream before I go to bed! 

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