No Wearing White After Labor Day?

No wearing white after Labor Day? As if. We’re forever adding to our mood board because we all know nothing brings out a summer glow like an all-white look; we’re milking it for as long as possible, even if it means breaking some sartorial rules.

wearing white after labor day

Whites are neutral, and thus basic, and therefore essential. We’re partial to white high-waist, wide-legged trousers, crisp shirts, and gorgeous flowing dresses, but truth be told, these are the little white essentials that we can’t get enough of year-round:

  • Cream Soap, because its uber-mild, non-drying, oil-free formula is gentle even on the most sensitive of skin days;
  • Oil-Free Moisturize SPF 30, because we simply could not live without our daily dose of broad spectrum sun protection and antioxidant Green Tea;
  • Vitamin E Body Lotion, because soft, smooth, and touchable skin is a necessity whether we’re covered tip-to-toe or baring skin; and
  • Whitening Mask, because we are forever perfecting our skin for a brighter, more radiant complexion.

Do we need another reason? (Didn’t think so.)

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