Why Do I Still Have Acne?

As a skin care expert, friends and family are always coming to me with questions about their skin. Often these questions are asked in hushed whispers (what’s this thing? Or how do I get rid of this?). But the most common question of them all, one that seems to baffle a lot of people, is this: Why do I still have acne? Why do you still have acne? Are you in your twenties, thirties, forties, or beyond and still suffering from acne breakouts?

Acne Facial Cleanser, Anti-Acne Serum> First of all, let’s make one thing clear: there is no cure for acne. There is no miracle that’s going to end your acne forever and absolve you of the need to take care of your skin. (Fact: Forty percent of acne sufferers do not attempt to treat their acne. To see more acne stats, check out this infographic.) The good news? Taking responsibility for yourself means that you can live with clearer skin! To me, this is the very best news imaginable. For some reason, though, when you tell people that they need to find the right products and use them consistently, their faces just fall. You mean there’s no easy way out? Nope. And yet, when I tell them that my clear, bright skin is the result of this philosophy, they begin to perk up a little. Here’s the formula, in case you missed it: The right products for your skin + consistent and correct use.


why do i still have acne

A lot of people with acne expect that a new skin care regimen should begin to work immediately. Many people miss out on their own personal acne solution because they give up too quickly. To keep my skin clear, I use Mario Badescu’s Seaweed Cleansing Soap (day and night) as well as the Special Cucumber Lotion and Oil-Free Moisturizer. Three times a week, I exfoliate with the Glycolic Foaming Cleanser. When my skin has the occasional breakout, I rely on my little pink bottle of Drying Lotion.

But how are you supposed to find the right products for your skin? Try this: ask us! If you're already using Mario Badescu products, feel free at any time to give us a call at 800 (BADESCU). New to Mario? Take our online skin analysis! We’ll even send samples to get you acquainted with the products meant for your ski
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