Will I Have Acne Forever?

will i have acne forever

I’m almost 34 and I have acne. My sister is 35 and has acne and our brother is 37 (and yes, he still has acne).

The Bad News There is no cure for acne. It is a chronic condition that affects some people for short bursts of time and others for a lifetime. You might be one of those people who had clear skin through high school and started experiencing cystic acne at the age of 28 OR you might be a 33-year-old woman who’s had acne since she was 11.

The Really Good News All three of us—my brother, sister, and I—have clear skin because proper skin care can and does prevent and treat acne. It’s as simple as that. No, I’ll never be free to fall asleep without washing my face (that’s just asking for a breakout). But who wants to do that anyway? And yes, I do still have small breakouts here and there, usually when I am stressed out or not taking care of my health. With the right treatment products, however, these breakouts heal very quickly.

Here’s what you need to do to achieve clear skin Start by finding the right cleanser, toner, exfoliant, and moisturizer for your skin. These are your basics. (And yes, toner is important.) Once you’re set with that, add in a mask for acne and acne treatment products. If you’re getting whiteheads, for example, a spot treatment for whiteheads is essential. Also, make sure you’re eating and sleeping well and moderating your stress levels.

Here’s what you should avoid Stay away from online ‘acne cures’ and fads. These run the gamut from extremely dangerous and ineffective (purposely overdosing on certain vitamins, for example) to fraudulent (any product that claims to ‘cure acne’ is a sham). Acne, like anything else, simply requires solid, consistent skin care. So, will you have acne forever? It’s possible! But it’s also possible to keep your skin clear and beautiful with the right skin care. In the words of Mario himself, put your best face forward.

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