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Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is one of the most widely used ingredients in beauty products. This botanical ingredient is well known for its anti-inflammatory properties, which is why you’ll commonly see it used to help treat sunburn.

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+ What are the benefits of using Aloe Vera in skincare?

We love formulating our skincare products with Aloe Vera for its soothing properties. It helps rebalance skin while providing light hydration.

+ Is it okay to use Aloe Vera everyday?

Aloe Vera is one of those universal ingredients loved by all skin types and has been proven useful for sorting out all kinds of skin care woes. It’s known for its antibacterial and cooling, calming properties—which can be particularly helpful for troubled skin.

+ Is Aloe Vera good for acne?

The difference is their size. Hyaluronic Acid has a higher molecular weight that allows it to sit atop the surface of the skin and prevent water loss. Sodium Hyaluronate is smaller—giving it the ability to penetrate the top layer of skin and help improve hydration from within.

+ Does Aloe Vera help with scars?

Reducing true scarring (like pitted scars or raised keloids) is a task reserved for professionals, less so topical skin care—so do consult an aesthetician or dermatologist for solutions. When it comes to discoloration or improving the look of mild, uneven texture, though, Aloe Vera is said to be helpful in supporting the body’s natural healing processes. And if you want to speed it up: resurfacing acids (like alpha hydroxy acids) are incredibly helpful.

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Aloe Vera's natural hydrating and soothing properties make it a key ingredient in skin care formulated for oily, problem, or sensitive skin. Plus, it's naturally composed of amino acids, active enzymes, vitamins, minerals so skin feels refreshed and nourished.