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+ Is Seaweed good for your skin?

Seaweed has a multitude of benefits for skin including helping with regulating oil production, moisturizing and nourishing dry skin, as well as exfoliating dead skin cells for brighter and more balanced skin.

+ What type of Seaweed is good for your skin?

There are many different types of seaweeds used in skincare formulations that could bring benefit to the skin. At Mario Badescu, we use Bladderwrack extract, Nori extract and Kelp. Bladderwrack extract is a powerful emollient used to bring and retain moisture on skin. Nori extract is conditioning and rich in antioxidants, similar to Bladderwrack it also acts as an emollient helping attract and lock in moisture on skin. Kelp is rich in iodine, minerals and antioxidants helping soften, protect and hydrate dry skin.

+ Does Seaweed tighten skin?

Studies have shown that seaweed extract has skin tightening properties as it helps boost the production of collagen and elastin when used topically.

+ Does Seaweed lighten skin?

Seaweed extract contains niacin which has been shown to be beneficial in targeting hyperpigmentation and dark spot issues. Niacin has skin brightening properties so including products with seaweed extract in your brightening anti-aging routine could be of benefit.

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