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Vitamin E

Vitamin E, which typically appears as Tocopherol on ingredient lists, will forever be a steadfast pillar in skin care. It’s beloved for its powerful antioxidant, protective, and hydrating properties—and if your skin is on the dry side, Vitamin E is known to do wonders for boosting your skin’s outermost barrier.

Learn more about this ingredient:

+ What does Vitamin E do to your skin?

Vitamin E visibly smooths, helps lock in moisture and hydration, and defends against skin-aging free radicals. In doing all of the aforementioned, it functions as a barrier booster that shields skin from environmental stressors to keep that protective outer layer intact and balanced.

+ Does Vitamin E remove dark spots?

Vitamin E’s antioxidant properties can help prevent the darkening of any dark spots or sun spots, but do use exfoliating acids (like Glycolic Acid or Lactic Acid) or Vitamin C to effectively diminish discoloration.

+ Can I use Vitamin E with Vitamin C?

Yes! Vitamin E and Vitamin C are a great match.

+ Is Vitamin E good for acne?

Although Vitamin E does boast important protective and restorative properties that most skin types can benefit from, Vitamin E is best suited for dry to combination skin types that don’t experience regular breakouts.

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