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Skin Care Questions and Answers About Product Information

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The bottle of drying lotion I bought about 1 year ago is losing its hydration. There is still about 1/3 of a bottle of pink stuff on the bottom, but most of the liquid is gone. Can I rehydrate it and if so how? I love this product. Thank you....Read Response
(asked by M. Babb)
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Tags: acne | adult_acne | blemishes | breakouts | drying_lotion | pimples | spot_treatment | whiteheads

Hi - I have rosacea - not severe, I would say moderate. I have a lot of redness on my nose and that somewhat branches out to my cheeks. The MB products I have are the makeup remover soap, chamomile cleansing lotion, control cream, calma mask and aloe moisturizer. I noticed a lot of the redness calmed down for a while, but I really think it hasnt been as calm since Ive been using the aloe moisturizer which I bought later than the anti-redness kit. I cant use the control cream alone in the mornings because it has a tacky feeling on my skin and I use a powdery mineral makeup. Is there something you can recommend for a moisturizer that would be good for day and night to use in connection with the control cream that wont aggravate the rosacea and that doesnt feel sticky - I have to have a non-sticky surface or my mineral makeup wont go on smoothly and Im def. not ready to give it up! Also, do you have a recommendation for an eye cream - Im starting to get dark circles and lines as I am aging (Im almost 36). Thanks so much for your help! Until I threw the moisturizer in the mix I was really seeing a difference in the redness - more a difference than any prescription products I have tried! ...Read Response
(asked by Melinda R of Lugoff, SC)
Categories: Couperose | Eyes | Product Information | Rosacea | Special Concerns
Tags: anti-redness | couperose | eyes | fine_lines | irritation | redness | rosacea | sensitivity | wrinkles

I just want to clarify the sequence of using the following products:- 1. drying lotion; 2. buffering lotion; and 3. anti acne serum...Read Response
(asked by Wei W. of Lugoff)
Categories: Acne | Product Information | Teen Acne
Tags: acne | blemishes | breakouts | clogged_pores | healing | inflammation | pimples | whiteheads

I just got the acne repair kit and Id like to know how its supposed to be used. Do I use all 3 in one night? Whats for the day whats for the night?...Read Response
(asked by Wei W. of Lugoff)
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Tags: acne | adult_acne | blemishes | breakouts | face | pimples

I recently had a facial and the esthetician advised me to start thinking about anti-aging products, particularly those w/collagen for fine lines on my forehead. Can you recommend a moisturizer - both for day and a night cream - that would address this issue? My skin is dry and not particularly sensitive....Read Response
(asked by Katelyn Q of aging, anti-aging, face, dry)
Categories: Product Information | Special Concerns
Tags: aging | anti-aging | dry | face

I am very interested in trying Mario Badescu products - However, I did not see anything on your site as to whether or not the products are tested on animals....Read Response
(asked by Lynsey W. of aging, anti-aging, face, dry)
Categories: Product Information
Tags: all-natural | cruelty_free | no_animal_testing | safe_products

I am a relatively new user of your products. I have Rosacea and I have the Chamomile products. My directions for applying the Chamomile Night Cream says to "avoid nose and chin"...Im curious as to why...also do you mean the ENTIRE nose including the bridge and the ENTIRE chin meaning beginning right under my lips?...Read Response
(asked by Charlene M. of Unknown)
Categories: Product Information | Rosacea
Tags: rosacea | sensitive | sensitivity

I just want to ask what is the shelf life of the Drying Lotion? I live in a humid tropical country. Will the product last if I put it in the refrigerator? Usually, a bottle will last me for a year or a year and a half......Read Response
(asked by Lulu T. of Unknown)
Categories: Product Information
Tags: drying_lotion | pimples | spot_treatment | whiteheads

I bought your Drying Lotion and I left it out by mistake. My daughter saw the bottle and shook it, thinking she was doing me a favor mixing the pink and the clear lotion. I was wondering if the solution will settle over time or is the bottle totally ruined....Read Response
(asked by Denise J. of Unknown)
Categories: Product Information
Tags: drying_lotion | spot_treatment | whiteheads

I am allergic to strawberries and would like to know what other scrubs you have to take the place of your Strawberry Scrub. ...Read Response
(asked by Alison C. of Collierville, TN)
Categories: Product Information | Special Concerns
Tags: dullness | irritation