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Skin Care Questions and Answers About anti-aging

I recently had a facial and the esthetician advised me to start thinking about anti-aging products, particularly those w/collagen for fine lines on my forehead. Can you recommend a moisturizer - both for day and a night cream - that would address this issue? My skin is dry and not particularly sensitive....Read Response
(asked by Katelyn Q of aging, anti-aging, face, dry)
Categories: Product Information | Special Concerns
Tags: aging | anti-aging | dry | face

I am 50 years old with combination skin, aging lines/wrinkles. What is the beset night time anti-aging treatment? ...Read Response
(asked by Daniel S. of Unknown)
Categories: Special Concerns
Tags: aging | anti-aging | fine_lines | wrinkles

I began using your products in November and absolutely love them. I have dry skin and your products have helped me immensely. Beside the moisturizer products I am using the Vitamin C Serum every other night. However, I wanted to see what I could use under my moisturizer on a daily basis....Read Response
(asked by Janet S. of Unknown, PA)
Categories: Special Concerns
Tags: aging | anti-aging | fine_lines | fine_lines/wrinkles | wrinkles

I wear contacts and I need an eye cream that will not interfere with my contacts (nothing greasy). Can you please suggest a good anti-aging eye cream for contact wearers?...Read Response
(asked by Tiffany J. of Houston, TX)
Categories: Eyes
Tags: anti-aging | eyes | fine lines