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Skin Care Questions and Answers About drying_lotion

The bottle of drying lotion I bought about 1 year ago is losing its hydration. There is still about 1/3 of a bottle of pink stuff on the bottom, but most of the liquid is gone. Can I rehydrate it and if so how? I love this product. Thank you....Read Response
(asked by M. Babb)
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I just want to ask what is the shelf life of the Drying Lotion? I live in a humid tropical country. Will the product last if I put it in the refrigerator? Usually, a bottle will last me for a year or a year and a half......Read Response
(asked by Lulu T. of Unknown)
Categories: Product Information
Tags: drying_lotion | pimples | spot_treatment | whiteheads

I bought your Drying Lotion and I left it out by mistake. My daughter saw the bottle and shook it, thinking she was doing me a favor mixing the pink and the clear lotion. I was wondering if the solution will settle over time or is the bottle totally ruined....Read Response
(asked by Denise J. of Unknown)
Categories: Product Information
Tags: drying_lotion | spot_treatment | whiteheads