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Our Story

Mario Badescu had a singular vision: He wanted to introduce to New York City his European-style facials—mastered back in his native Romania based on classic, Old World techniques. To Badescu, beauty and skin care were unequivocally intertwined. He understood the uniqueness of skin, and thus came to design a line of handmade products to suit clients’ individual skin types and needs.

It was in 1967, out of his Manhattan apartment, when the now world-renowned salon was born.

Clients were seen by recommendation only, but as news of his practice spread, Badescu’s home-turned-studio quickly moved to the ground floor of his residential building. His unique skin care philosophy and custom -designed regimens earned him a loyal following—and within a few years, Mario Badescu gained recognition as a touchstone of quality skin care.

Badescu’s legacy is carried on as we continue to uphold our founder’s belief in using fresh botanicals and natural ingredients. For half a century we’ve been the name that transcends generations and spans the entire life-cycle of skin; from powerful acne solutions to potent anti-aging treatments, we customize entire regimens for every skin type and concern imaginable.

Simple, gentle, effective skin care is our philosophy—and for that we’ve earned the reputation of being an editor favorite and celebrity go-to worldwide.