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Anti-Aging Regimen for Oily Skin

Oily skin is tricky when it comes to anti-aging products because many anti-aging products contain oils and emollients which arenít recommended for oily or problem skin. Here at Mario Badescu we take into consideration the special needs of oily skin and give you anti-aging options that will not cause acne or increase oil.

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Botanical Facial Gel Botanical Facial Gel

A refreshing oil controlling cleanser. Our non-foaming gel cleanser is deep cleansing and refreshing for oily skin. Removes make-up, dirt, and oil thoroughly without over drying skin. Exfoliating Alpha Hydroxy formula helps prevent buildup that can cause blackheads and pimples.

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Glycolic Foaming Cleanser Glycolic Foaming Cleanser

For dull, congested skin, this lathering, deep cleanser has the exfoliating powers of Glycolic Acid to break down build-up from skins surface, reduce minor discoloration and leave skin radiant and smooth. Formulated with Herbal Extracts for soothing benefits. Best when used 2-3 times weekly or as recommended by your skin specialist based on your skins needs.

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Glycolic Grapefruit Cleansing Lotion Glycolic Grapefruit Cleansing Lotion

Even Out Skin. Oily, dull, congested skin will be refreshed and disinfected with daily use of this astringent. The powers of Citrus Extracts combined with 4% Glycolic Acid reduce the build-up of dead skin cells. Not recommended for acne-erupted skin.

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Cellufirm Drops Cellufirm Drops

Firm, tighten and smooth aging skin with this daily or overnight serum that is safe for all over the face and eye area. Plumping Collagen and Elastin, moisture retaining Hyaluronic Acid, antioxidant Vitamin E and mineral rich Seaweed Extract are the active ingredients that preserve the skinís tone, moisture levels and elasticity.

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Ceramide Eye Gel Ceramide Eye Gel

Improve the delicate eye skinís hydration levels with our greaseless, lightweight eye gel formulated with softening Ceramides and nourishing Herbal Extracts. Diminishes puffiness and tired eyes. Store in the fridge for a soothing morning eye treatment.

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Oil Free Moisturizer SPF 17 Oil Free Moisturizer SPF 17

Like the Oil-Free Moisturizer, this lotion has the same benefits for oily and problem skin with added daily sun protection to keep scarring and discoloration to a minimum.

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Seaweed Night Cream Seaweed Night Cream

Hydrate skin while you sleep with our lightweight, oil-free night cream. Elastin, Collagen, and Hyaluronic Acid combine with the vitamins and minerals found in Bladderwrack Extract to nourish dehydrated skin. The result is smooth, dewy, younger-looking skin overnight.

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Herbal Hydrating Serum Herbal Hydrating Serum

One of our most unique, versatile products for all skin types that doubles as a layering product to use over day or night moisturizers for extra hydration. Can also be used alone as a lightweight hydrator for oily skin. Formulated with Ginkgo Extract, Ceramides and Ginseng Extracts that provide nourishing benefits for the skin.

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Temporary Lifting Mask Temporary Lifting Mask

Instant Pore Minimizer. A great special occasion mask that immediately tightens, cleans and refines skin. Formulated with Egg Albumin, a traditional, natural mask ingredient that firms, minimizes pores and improves skin's appearance. This mask is ideal for any skin type needing a quick boost for a special event or for regular use on skin with enlarged pores and congestion.

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Strawberry Face Scrub Strawberry Face Scrub

Made with real Strawberry seeds that gently buff away flaky skin while natural AHAís break down dulling build-up to unclog pores and prevent blackheads. It improves skin's overall texture by revealing healthy, glowing skin.

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