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How to get rid of Back and Chest Acne

Back Acne (Bacne) and Chest Acne

Have you ever loved a dress so much and knew you couldn’t buy it? Have you ever been embarrassed to take your shirt off while shooting hoops with the guys? Back (Bacne) and chest acne can dictate the clothing that we wear and how comfortable we feel in a social setting.


Similar to traditional acne, back (Bacne) and chest acne can also be caused by stress and hormones. Unlike traditional acne, back (Bacne) and chest acne can occur due to the clothing that we wear, and the activities of our everyday lives. The back and chest have thousands of sebaceous glands which produce excess oil and can lead to clogged pores. Perspiration and tight fitting clothing are also factors that can explain why many physically active men and women are prone to back (Bacne) and chest acne. Synthetic materials such as Lycra and Polyester trap in perspiration which then mixes with surface oils. As a result, a film is produced that clogs pores and may cause whiteheads and deep cystic blemishes.


  • Maintain a daily skin care regimen. Since the chest and back are prone to perspiration and have constant contact with clothing use products especially developed to be effective on these areas.
  • Avoid using a grainy body scrub on breakouts as it may irritate already troubled skin and spread bacteria.
  • Be conscience of the materials that you wear while working out or engaging in sports. Choose natural fibers like cotton which will allow the skin to breathe.
  • Help minimize new breakouts by showering immediately after playing sports or working out.

  • A.H.A. Botanical Body Soap AHA Botanical Body Soap
    Showering with our lightly scented AHA Botanical Body Soap, enriched with fresh fruit extracts will help to exfoliate and cleanse your back and chest area. Papaya and Grapefruit extract will help to slough away dead skin cells that can potentially clog pores. The Ginseng extract will help to rejuvenate the skin while Oat protein soothes sensitive and irritated areas.

    8oz. - $8.00
    16oz. - $14.00

    Special Cleansing Lotion O (For chest and back only) Special Cleansing Lotion “O”
    Special Cleansing Lotion “O” is to be used after cleansing your body with the AHA Botanical Body Soap. The Special Cleansing Lotion “O”, our most aggressive astringent, made especially for the back and chest area, should never be used on the face. Containing Cucumber Extract, Sulfur, Camphor and 10% Isopropyl Alcohol, it will help to dry up pimples and oil while also helping to prevent future breakouts by disinfecting the skin.

    8oz. - $15.00
    16oz. - $26.00

    Drying Mask Drying Mask
    This aggressive and effective mask will dissolve surface oil and control breakouts while drying up affected areas on your back and chest. Colloidal Sulfur, the active ingredient, is a mild antiseptic which will reduce the level of oil production. Apply this mask to clean, dry skin in the affected areas only, 2-3 times a week. Let mask sit for 15-20 minutes and then rinse off.

    2oz. - $18.00

    Drying Lotion Drying Lotion
    Our world famous blemish treatment will dry up whiteheads overnight. Salicylic Acid and Zinc Oxide help to disinfect and heal while Calamine reduces redness and calms the skin. To use, dip a cotton swab into pink sediment. Apply to the pimples on your back and chest that have surfaced to a whitehead. Wash off solution in the morning. Do Not Shake.

    1oz. - $17.00

    Drying Cream Drying Cream
    The Drying Cream works as effectively as our Drying Lotion, but on blemishes that are underneath the surface of the skin. This cream should be used on pimples that have not yet come to a whitehead. It is also an effective drying and healing treatment for pimples that are inflamed due to unsanitary and improper at home extractions. The Drying Cream has a light concealing quality and it can be left on the back and chest area throughout the day. For night time use, apply a thin layer over small bumps before bedtime.

    0.5oz. - $17.00

    Buffering Lotion Buffering Lotion
    Ideally used as a protective barrier and an overall treatment for erupted areas, this is the only product specifically designed to target and prevent deep, cystic blemishes. The sulfur content and lightweight consistency allows the lotion to be absorbed into the skin, penetrating and treating the source of the deeper rooted pimples. Gently shake, then apply 1-2 drops directly on clean finger tip and apply to cystic blemishes found on your back and chest. To help spot treat aggressive cysts, apply 1 drop to the affected area using finger tip, then apply a thin layer of the Drying Mask over it. Wait 15 minutes, then rinse and reapply Buffering Lotion.

    1oz. - $19.00

    Special Healing Powder Special Healing Powder
    This powder helps to heal acne, reduce redness and even out problem skin areas on your back and chest. Highly oil-absorbent due to its sulfur content, it should be used sparingly to avoid flaking and over-drying of the skin. Special Healing Powder is one of our most versatile acne products. It can be applied to blemishes to dry up excess oil or applied on ruptured pimples to absorb pus and ensure the pimple is disinfected. For very oily skin a small amount can be applied with a cotton ball over the acne prone areas of the back and chest. When applying to ruptured pimples, dip a cotton swab into the powder and then apply directly into the open blemish.

    0.5oz. - $12.00

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