Let’s Talk: Back & Chest Acne

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Before you reach for a cardigan or crew neck to cover body acne as if it were a dirty little secret, remember that (1) it happens to just about everyone and (2) acne has nothing to do with “being dirty.”

Like facial acne, back and chest acne is often triggered by hormones and stress. It is also affected by the clothing we wear and how active we are on a daily basis. Why? Our backs and chests have far more sebaceous glands to produce excess oil (and clog pores) than most places on our bodies. Thus, the clothes we choose to wear can be a major factor to be aware of. Bear in mind the following:

  • The laundry detergent you’re using just might be the culprit. Switch to a soap that’s gentler, or better yet, all-natural.
  • Cotton and linens are breathable fabrics and are best for skin–especially come summer. Synthetic materials such as Lycra and Polyester trap oils and perspiration, creating a pore-clogging film that leads to whiteheads and cystic blemishes.
  • Try opting for a looser-fitting top if you have been experiencing breakouts. Tight clothing can trap sweat and oil that later builds up and clog pores.
  • The more active you are, the more prone you are to back and chest acne. Sweat provides the perfect breeding ground for the type of bacteria that causes acne.

Treating back and chest acne isn’t any different from how you’d deal with facial acne; it’s just a matter of upping the ante on your anti-acne game. The skin in those areas is noticeably thicker and tougher than that on your face, allowing you a little more freedom in the products you choose to use.

  1. Switch out your current body wash for our AHA Botanical Body Soap enriched with fresh fruit extracts to help gently slough away buildup as Ginseng rejuvenates and Oat protein soothes the skin.
  2. Follow with the Special Cleansing Lotion “O,” which was formulated specifically for the body. It’s the perfect complement to the AHA Botanical Body Soap in that it works to help absorb oil, dry up pimples and thoroughly cleanse to prevent future spots.
  3. Masks aren’t just for your face. Apply our Drying Mask on your back and chest to help control breakouts while drying out affected areas.
  4. Spot treat your body, too. Depending of on the type of acne you’re experiencing, target specific spots using the Buffering Lotion, Drying Cream, or Drying Lotion.
  5. Take a larger bronzer or kabuki brush and lightly dust our Special Healing Powder all over your chest and back to help absorb oil, heal acne, reduce redness, and even out skin tone in problem areas throughout the day. Dab a more concentrated amount over smaller areas or ruptured spots to help promote faster healing as well.

It doesn’t just stop at treating your skin, though: proper prevention is essential to maintaining beautiful, clear skin.

  1. Body care should be a part of your daily regimen. Remember: It only takes 21 days to establish a good habit.
  2. Be aware of the ingredients in the products you use: your detergent, body wash and lotions, shampoo and conditioner, and hair products. One (or a combination) of these might be to blame for those annoying, perpetual breakouts.
  3. Wash your bath towels and sheets regularly.
  4. Avoid using a granular scrub on acne-affected skin; it’ll only further irritate troubled skin. Instead, opt for Alpha Hydroxy Acids as an alternative to traditional exfoliants.
  5. Wear natural fibers like cotton to allow the skin to breathe, especially when working out (or during spring/summer months).
  6. Shower immediately after an active day or post-workout to minimize chances of new breakouts.

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Any more questions on back and chest acne? Leave us a comment below!

Author: Kimberly Yang

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