Did You Know? All About Hands


Did you know? The custom of shaking hands began as a way to prove to that you were not carrying any weapons—in your hands at least. See below for more fascinating facts about hands!

  • hand creamKoalas are similar to humans because they share a particularly human quality—opposable thumbs. They’re also adorable.
  • True or False: If you can move your finger, it isn’t broken. (*See answer below.)
  • The practice of hand kissing started during the 17th and 18th centuries in Central and Eastern Europe. Usually, the hand was proffered by a woman to a man who was of similar or higher social status. Refusing the offered hand was considered extremely impolite.
  • All hands are unique. As law enforcement knows all too well, your fingerprint is unlike any other. Your palm, too, is special in that it is one of the very few areas of the body that is hairless and it contains a pattern that only exists on one person—you. Many a palm-reader has benefited from knowing this!
  •  Cold hands, warm heart? There are a number of reasons your hands might be cold—and none of them are related to the temperature of your heart.
  •  Washing your hands frequently is the very best day-to-day ritual to avoid the spread of nasty bugs like bacteria and viruses. It’s also a fantastic way to dry out the skin on your hands—especially in the winter. Make sure to apply hand cream right away!

    hand cream

    You’ll find a jar of this hand cream on nearly every desk at Mario Badescu. We’re obsessed!

 *False: It’s entirely possible to move a broken digit.

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