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Hand Care Tips for Spring Gardening


As Spring temperatures warm up and you find yourself digging and sowing the seeds of your flowers, vegetables and foliage, you’ll want to treat your hands with some extra TLC to avoid rough, cracked, dry patches.

As a general rule of thumb (no pun intended) it’s wise to treat the skin on your body with as much care as you do the skin on your face. Neglecting to incorporate the neck, décolletage and hands into your skin regimen is a common reason why these areas can give away your true age. The following guidelines will keep your hands clean, nourished and protected; your flower bed won’t be the only beautiful thing you cultivate this season.

spring gardening

The first step in your hand care regimen is using a quality cleanser. Our Azulene Body Soap is formulated with soothing Chamomile to keep your hands clean and soothed from day to day. It’s even safe for dry, sensitive skin because of its nourishing properties.

spring gardening

After cleansing a few times a week, you’ll want to follow up with a quality exfoliant for the body, like our Raspberry Body Scrub; this will gently slough away dry flakes and dead skin cells on the surface. With extracts of red Raspberry and Papaya, this indulgent scrub smells delicious and works to buff away dull skin from the body.

spring gardening

Hydrate, soften and protect your hands with our enriching Fruit and Vitamin A&D Hand Cream SPF 10. This rejuvenating hand cream contains Vitamins A and D, as well as Lemon Peel Extract, Orange Extract, Collagen, Salicylic Acid and sun protection to awaken the skin on your hands and keep it shielded from the sun’s rays.

spring gardening

In the evening, add some Cuticle Cream to the skin around the base of your nails to gently exfoliate the area.

spring gardening

Be kind to your hands by wearing gardening gloves. For extra softening, cover your hands in Elasto-Seamollient Hand Cream and put on a pair of plastic gloves inside your gardening mitts. While you work, your hands will be treated with Marine Botanicals, Vitamin E and Peanut Oil which work well to moisturize and protect from dry, cracked or chapped skin.

To avoid uncomfortable sunburns while outdoors, make like the Australians do with their Slip! Slop! Slap! Campaign.

Do you love to garden? What are your secrets to keeping protected hands and hearty plants?

Author: Sara Kosmyna

I'm a freelance writer, makeup artist and brow expert with nearly ten years of professional experience in the beauty industry. Eating healthy, trying new beauty products and writing personal essays are a few of my favorite things. I can usually be found roaming the magazine aisles of bookstores or sitting at the café compulsively shopping online for shoes, books, clothes, and makeup. If I went to the gym as often as I talked about wanting to start exercising, I would have a 12-pack by now. I believe that having a good skincare regimen and expertly groomed eyebrows are two cornerstones to being naturally beautiful.

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