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Mario Badescu Spa give New Year's Resolution Skin Care Tips

Conspiring to give you resolution tips!

What's your resolution this year? Do you make them? This topic can be very polarizing, most of the folks here at Mario Badescu are firmly pro or against making New Year's Resolutions. When you think about it, there are many opportunities to start fresh throughout the year: birthdays, holidays, Mondays—but none seem to have quite the amount of gravity that the New Year brings.

For many of us, New Year’s Day is the freshest of fresh starts on the calendar. So much so that it is during this time that we toss our old calendar aside and buy a whole new one to mark the occasion. I decided a few years back that I’d made my last ultra-ambitious New Year’s resolution. Instead, I jotted a list of extremely simple, easily achievable goals that would have a lasting positive (though sometimes subtle) effect on my life. So no, 2016 will not be the year that I set out to become fluent in Spanish, or successfully eliminate all sugar from my diet. This is the year that I will keep hand cream with me at all times, and wash my coffee cup every morning before I leave for work. Dreaming big? No. Feeling good? Yep.

In the name of deliberately simple, feel-good goals for 2016 I asked a few of Mario Badescu’s veteran aestheticians to give skin care tips for the resolute among us! Here’s what they said:

Q. “What skin care resolution would you tell someone to make for 2016 that they would thank you for in 2026?”

Mask more often!” –Elena, Mario Badescu Head aesthetician for 31 years

“Use toner. If you begin to use toner after you cleanse today, you will thank me in 10 years.” –Leah, Mario Badescu aesthetician for 16 years

“Eye cream is very important. It is important to find the best eye cream for you.” –Luba, Mario Badescu aesthetician for 18 years

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