Let's Talk: Age Spots

It’s starting to happen—I’m beginning to see age spots on my skin. Granted, I’m over 35 now, so this is not necessarily a big surprise. When I was in my 20s, I used to think I’d be horrified to see myself aging. But as I find these age spots—and other signs of aging—I’m realizing that I’m starting to like the way I look more as I get older, not less. That being said, I also have an arsenal of really excellent anti-aging skin care products at my disposal, and I’m not afraid to use them! (Maybe that’s why getting older no longer worries me?) Anyway, for age spots, I’m turning to the power of Vitamin C to help brighten up my skin. Every other night, I use the Vitamin C Serum after I tone my skin (but before moisturizing). I make sure to let the serum fully sink in before applying my moisturizer. I’ve also started using our Whitening Mask twice a week. It uses a number of skin-brightening ingredients, including Kojic Acid, and Licorice, and Mulberry Extract, to help combat age spots and even out skin tone. What else? Oh yeah—sun protection all the time. Don’t forget this! Broad spectrum sun protection is the best way to prevent age spots and keep them from getting darker.

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