Fading Age Spots

age spots

Through the years, it’s likely your skin has accumulated some sun damage. You see, age spots are more accurately called sun spots. Sometimes they are even known as liver spots, although they really have nothing to do with your liver’s functioning. These areas of hyperpigmentation are basically caused by a combination of accumulated sun damage and hormonal fluctuations.


This is a skin problem that you can be really optimistic about—there are some very real solutions for age spots. If you’re looking to even your skin tone and brighten up areas of discoloration, there are a couple of things you need to know. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid), for one thing, is a powerful skin-brightening agent. Kojic Acid is another. With an every-other-day application of Vitamin C and regular use of Kojic Acid, your skin care routine will produce noticeable changes in tone, reducing and fading unwanted hyperpigmentation.

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