Are you beauty high maintenance?

I’ve never really given this much thought until recently. In fact, if you would have asked me if I was high maintenance a week ago I would have immediately said no. A budgeting debacle led me to take a look at my personal expenses and (gasp!) I never realized how many of them are beauty, grooming, and fitness related.

Living in New York City it’s difficult to place yourself on the maintenance scale. On one end of the spectrum, I know gorgeous girls who wash their faces, apply sunscreen, roll up their yoga mats and skip out of their apartments looking fresh faced and beautiful everyday. On the other, there are equally stunning ladies who take 2 hours to get ready and have a regular schedule of waxing, facial, spa, dermatologist, nail, hair and personal training along with occasional nip, tuck and injection appointments worked into their monthly calendar. Personally, I have greataffinity for both the natural beauties and the perfectly primped, but where do I fit in?

Hmmm, perhaps there is such a thing as being medium maintenance? These are the beauty related expenses that were on my list:

  • Manicure
Every other week
  • Pedicure
  • Eye brow grooming
  • Waxing
  • 2 gym memberships (paid for monthly)

Every other month

  • Facial (at Mario Badescu of course!)
  • Hair Color

Every 6 months

  • Hair cut bi-yearly

Other indulgences

  • Massages very occasionally
  • Other spa treatments occasionally
  • Replenishment on skin care and makeup when needed

. . .

What do you think? Are these just the basics or are they excessive?

What’s on your beauty/grooming/fitness list? Let us know via Facebook, Twitter, or E-Mail!

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