What’s in Your Skincare? Avocado Oil

There’s a reason one of the Mario Badescu blogger’s mantras is An avocado a day keeps the Botox at bay. (I’m looking at you, Lee Ann!) Avocado Oil is an emollient, which is perfect for anyone who has skin that is dry and requires supreme hydration. When added to moisturizing products, Avocado Oil offers a number of essential Vitamins that include A, D and E. If your skin is on the dry side and craves a burst of nourishment, you’ll likely find exactly what you need in our popular Kera Moist Cream.


 This protective cream has a super-rich consistency that is ideal for dry and sensitive skin. It offers very gentle nourishment and can be used daily. In addition to Avocado Oil, which mimics the lipids found in the skin’s natural moisture, this luxurious cream contains Rose Hips Oil, Vegetable Oil, Collagen and Marine Botanicals. –Winning!

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