Avocado For Better Skin

avocado for skin

While there aren't any certified nutritionists roaming the halls of Mario Badescu, we have a pretty impressive stable of aestheticians under our roof. What they know for a fact is that dry, fragile skin greatly benefits from the restorative properties of certain super foods. At the top of that list? The AVOCADO for skin. All that good, healthy fat works to hydrate your skin from the inside out, helping you to really glow. Favorite ways to enjoy it:

  • Spread on sprouted-grain toast and sprinkled with a little sea salt
  • Blended into a batch of vegan chocolate pudding
  • Mashed into a sauce and mixed with zoodles (zucchini noodles!)
  • Sliced over a bowl of brown rice and beans
  • Added to literally ANY sandwich or burger

You can also use avocado oil topically. For example, our rich, protective, cold-weather favorite, the Kera Moist Cream, takes advantage of avocado’s highly emollient properties to moisturize dry, sensitive skin.

avocado for skin

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