Whether you're going back to school or not is irrelevant.

The world has two beginnings a year. Are you doubting? Don't. It's not just New Year's when we decide to start anew - there's the "Back-to-School" movement, so to speak, come September, that calls for an entire detox, re-vamp and shopping spree of epic proportions. Are we complaining?

Not in the least bit.

Now is the perfect time to start a new skincare regimen. The extremities of summer weather might not be the best way for you to find out what truly works for your skin, making fall the best season to get started. Have fun! Test different products out; there's nothing more fun than sifting through new jars and bottles. Take our skincare consulting questionnaire if you're overwhelmed by the choices and are unsure of where to start.

But say you were going back to school, moving back into dorms and in dire need of a skincare restock. What to buy? What to use? Here are the essentials:

  1. Enzyme Cleansing Gel, $12. A non-foaming, daily cleanser that removes all makeup, dirt and oil. With work/school/both coming back in full force, a refreshing and thorough cleanse is essential!
  2. Cucumber Cleansing Lotion, $15. An additional refreshing, final cleanse that controls oily T-zones to refresh and soothe. Stress can cause influxes in even the most well-behaved of skin, so as a precaution against future blemishes and acne pop-ups, astringents are necessary in removing pore-clogging residue and disinfecting the skin's surface.
  3. Oil-Free Moisturizer SPF-17, $22. Hydrating the skin is the key to looking healthy. So, even if you are dashing out the door and haven't time to put on makeup, moisturizer will make a world's difference in how your skin looks and feels.
  4. Ceramide Eye Gel, $18. Keep it in the fridge to de-puff tired eyes. A lifesaver for those late-/all-nighters.
  5. Drying Lotion, $17. Good-bye, pimples. Here's to an instant pimple eraser that works miracles overnight.
  6. Drying Cream, $14. A must-have in every office/handbag/etc. for emergencies. It's an acne cream that conceals while drying out under-the-surface spots and pimples. Need we say more?
  7. Kiwi Face Scrub, $15. Everyone has time to exfoliate 1-3 times a week. Everyone. If a smoother, radiant complexion isn't a good enough reason for you, then what if we told you it smelled really good?
  8. Lip Wax SPF 15, $7. Chapped lips never feels good.
  9. Rosewater Facial Spray, $7. For long days or late nights when an instant refresher is needed. Also perfect for spritzing your hair if you haven't had time to wash it...
  10. Super Rich Olive Body Lotion, $10-$22. Toss the 6 oz. in your handbag or school bag and use the 16 oz. for moisturizing after a shower.
We told you back-to-school/back-to-September shopping was fun!

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