7 Ways To Sabotage Your Skin

beautiful skin

Beautiful skin requires knowing what to do and what not to do.

1. Picking, touching, or squeezing your skin Whether you’re simply leaning your face on your hand or squeezing a pesky blemish, all contact between your face and hands should be avoided. You will potentially provoke a breakout or exacerbate existing acne.

2. Not washing your face frequently enough (OR not washing your face at all) If you wash your face only once a day (or even less frequently), it is time to make some changes. Neglecting to cleanse leads to a buildup of oil and dirt, which ultimately causes breakouts. Cleanse both morning and night for best results—this is especially relevant for removing makeup at night before going to sleep.

3. Choosing products incorrectly What may work for someone else may not work for you. Make sure you know which products are right for you.*

4. Tanning You may be itching for a bronzed complexion, but don’t achieve it at the expense of your skin and health. Tanning beds emit the same harmful UV radiation as the sun; prevent skin cancer and premature wrinkling by boycotting the tanning bed and opting for a sunless tanner-in-a-bottle instead.

5. Skipping moisturizer Regardless of your skin type, everyone should use a moisturizer daily to prevent a dehydrated complexion. Those with oily/acne-prone skin should opt for oil-free formulas.

6. Skipping out on sleep The skin repairs itself while you sleep; disrupting that process by hitting the sack late and not getting enough Zzzzzzs can lead to a dull, lackluster complexion.

7. Indulging in too much caffeine and alcohol Sure, it’s a treat to sip cocktails and lattes, but going overboard with any alcoholic or caffeinated beverage can take its toll on beautiful skin and leave it looking dehydrated and dull. For each glass or cup you drink, replenish your body with a glass of water.

Don’t let poor habits mess up your skin!

*Feel free to contact us at 800.223.3728 (BADESCU) to speak with a skin care consultant OR take our online skin analysis HERE.

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